Drunken Owl Theatre this Sunday, May 21, 2023, “Mommy Dearest Edition”!

Please join the party this Sunday at 6:00pm at Jules Maes Saloon when Drunken Owl Theatre celebrates mothers and motherhood in all their dimensions with the “Mommy Dearest” edition.

We’ll be featuring readings of plays written by Pamela Hobart Carter, Barbara Lindsay and new Board members Josephine Fogel-Rain and Leonie Mikele. Poetry by audience favorites Mike Hickey and Pamela HB, plus music by the Bard Owls rounding out the evening.

And don’t forget to take advantage of the special advance purchase ticket discount price of $10 ($14.99 at the door, because $15 is just too much), by going to the Jules Maes Event Page (https://julesmaes.wpengine.com/events/#/calendar) and purchasing your tickets online.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday!

PS to DOT Patrons: Rache’ Purcell, owner of Jules Maes Saloon, has a request for our loving patrons, which is, please don’t bring in outside food and drink. Rache’ reports that some guest arrive with water canteens or coffee cups and seem reluctant to leave them in their cars. Per Liquor Board rules, no one may bring any liquid refreshment into a bar. Rache’ and her staff have been amazingly supportive of Drunken Owl, so I hope our audience can adhere to this very reasonable request. Thanks, –Kevin Finney, DOT Artistic Director

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