Exciting News from Drunken Owl Theatre Artistic Director Kevin Finney

I’m excited to announce Drunken Owl Theatre’s second full live production series (meaning staged plays with live action, scenery, costumes and everything, not just reading) is coming June 24th and 25th, when we’ll produce four short plays, by playwrights Carolynn Wilcox, John C. Davenport, and Kate Danley. What we’re calling “A Solstice Parade of Plays, Poetry and Song” will feature our usual assortment of unusual talents: the Bard Owls will play, and Mike Hickey, Susan Blair and Kevin Finney will read poetry along the theme of fatherhood. Shows are at 6:00 pm on Saturday (woo hoo!) June 24, and 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm on Sunday June 25 (2023).

Drunken Owl shows are starting to sell out, so we’re encouraging everyone to purchase tickets early. As an added incentive, admission will remain at the entertainment bargain price of $10 for presales, while the price at the door will be $14.99 (because we thought $15 was just too much). Tickets will soon be available on the Jules Maes website calendar (https://julesmaes.wpengine.com/events/#/calendar), so look for those shortly.

As always, thanks for supporting your local dramatic arts!

–Kevin Finney, Artistic Director, Drunken Owl Theatre

2 responses to “Exciting News from Drunken Owl Theatre Artistic Director Kevin Finney”

  1. Hmmm. DOT is not on the JM calendar.


  2. Hmmm. DOT is not on the JM calendar for May.


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