Drunken Owl Theatre February 19, “Love Stinks” 2023 Edition

A message from the Director and Emcee, Kevin Finney
Greetings and Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Sunday Drunken Owl reprises our “Love Stinks” theme with all new material. Aside from my usual witty repartee as emcee, we’ll feature plays by John C. Davenport, Thomas Pierce and Barbara Lindsay, poetry by Mike Hickey and Pamela Hobart Carter, and music by the Brews Brothers.

If you forgot Valentine’s Day, you might already understand the concept of “Love Stinks.” Here’s your chance to make up for your faulty memory: bring your sweetie to a show!

For the playwrights among you: I’m looking for new material for our St. Patty’s Day show on March 19, Death, Taxes and 4/20 Culture on 4/23, Mommy Dearest on 5/21, and especially our next full production on June 17th and 18th, when the theme will be Summer Solstice/Daddy Dearest/Adoption. 10 – 15 minutes in length, please.

Thanks for supporting the performing arts, Kevin Finney Drunken Owl Theatre. —KF

Our plays for the February show:

John C. Davenport’s “Context.”

Thomas Peirce’s “Modern Love.”

Barbara Lindsay’s “The Psycho Bitch and the Throbbing Blue Veiner.”

Our Actors:

  • Delia Finney
  • Andrew Haggerty
  • Chris McCullough
  • Alexandra Varriano

Our Poets:

  • Pamela Hobart Carter will read selected poems.
  • Mike Hickey will read: “The Boy in Third Grade,” “Poetic Justice,” “Linda’s Home Improvement Loan,” and “How I Saved the Species.”

Music by the Brews Brothers: Conrad Wesselhoeft, Mike Goldfine, and John Davis

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