First Drunken Owl Theatre of 2023, Sunday January 15 at 6:00pm!

Drunken Owl returns in the New Year with a prime performance this Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 6:00 pm.

We’ll read a scene from “Doc and the Widow,”a full-length play by local playwright Jorj Savage and two versions of the same play by Donald Loftus. Conrad Wesselhoeft, Heidi Seaborn, Judith Camann and Pamela Hobart Carter will read their poetry and the Bard Owls present a slate of elemental songs.

It’s been a year since we rose from the ashes of the pandemic. That alone is worth celebrating. My 61st birthday the following weekend is another good reason to come out: your presence would be a lovely present.

We start at 6:00 pm at Jules Maes Saloon in Georgetown. Please come support the performing arts.

Thanks, and please subscribe below and tell your friends!

Kevin Finney, Artistic Director, Drunken Owl Theatre

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