Introducing Drunken Owl Theatre

Drunken Owl Theatre features original plays and other artistic works performed live in front of a live audience at Jules Maes Saloon in Seattle, Washington.


August 21, 2022: “Summer Fun and Romance”

September 18, 2022: “Back to School…or Not!”

October 16, 2022: “Spooky and Eerie”

November 13, 2022: Full production of two short plays: “The Vagabond Lives of Barnacle Poets,” by Pamela Hobart Carter, and “The Devil and the Bootleggers,” by Scott Stolnack

December 18, 2022:“Family Dysfunction and Anti-Christmas”

January 22, 2023: “Prime”

To watch live and view previous shows, please visit and subscribe to the Drunken Owl Theatre YouTube channel ( ). Subscribers get an email reminder when the next show goes live!

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